Tiny Seed Kinder Studio

Summer Courses
Summer English Practice for P1-P3 / P4-P6
HKD $2,200
Item No : ryx116

Pre-P1 -P6 (1 hour/lesson)

June to August (16 lessons 2 lessons per week) 

It helps to consolidate the usage of grammar and writing techniques of your kids by concise introduction, exercises, and quizzes, so as to get prepared well and have higher learning effectiveness in the upcoming school year.

(tutors had been teaching in elite EMI schools)

(students have prominent improvements in school)

Summer Abacus Maths/Maths in English Course
Item No : pjy115

$2200 (Maths in Eng) $1600 (Abacus Math)

4-8 years old (1 hour/lesson)

May to August (16 lessons 2 lessons per week) 

Your kids would learn the formulae of addition and subtraction with abacus and gain the skills of mental calculation, which strengthens their critical thinking skills. 

(Tutors are members of the Hongkong (international) Arithmetic Studies Association)

Summer Ukelele/Djembe/Music Theory/Piano Cour
HKD $1,100
Item No : yy123

3-8 years old (30-45 mins/lesson) 

June to August (8 weeks)
Monday to Friday 10:00-6:00
Through interactive music games, musical instruments and stories, the courses help your children to cultivate interests towards music, as well as learning basic techniques of playing musical instruments, which allow your children to explore diversified interests. At the same time, they help to improve your children’s concentration. With active learning, not only they learn about music, but the attitude in learning.
(please contact us for more information for other musical instruments)

Summer Swimming Course
HKD $2,200
Item No : qyy111

3-10 years old (1 hour/lesson)

May to August (16 lessons 2 lessons per week)

Interactive methods would be applied in the course and the tutors would be able to cater the needs of the students. We aim to strengthen their confidences while introducing swimming techniques in a relaxing environment. We hope that our students would pick swimming as a lifelong sport and a way to alleviate stress.

(some time slots are full. please make booking with us)

Summer Chinese Brush Painting /Summer Clay Making
HKD $1,100
Item No : zjz112

3-15 years old (1 hour/lesson) 

June to August (8 weeks) 

The courses help your children to unleash their potential and train their hand-eye coordination through observation and imagination. Your children would learn to create artworks and techniques in painting, as well as exploring their interests.

(taught by experienced tutors)

Summer English Art Course
HKD $2,200
Item No : wxx114

4-10 years old (1 hour/lesson)

May to August (16 lessons 2 lessons per week)

The course aims to strengthen ones’ sensitivity on different color intensity and concentration. It boosts children's’ observation ability and creativity with various social issues and encourages them to appreciate things in their daily life. 

(taught by experienced foreign tutors)

Summer Primary Math Class (English or Chinese)
Item No : ylw162

Enhancement and problem-solving strategies for primary school and English supplements. The english mathematics supplement series, in line with the progress of textbooks, provides students with high quality training.mathematics supplement series.

Math in English using  teaching materials in English, your kids would be able to understand and answer maths question in English, which enhances their confidence in doing maths questions in English in school.

Summer Child English Phonics Course
HKD $2,200
Item No : nnr117

3-8 years old (1 hour/lesson) 

June to August (16 lessons 2 lessons per week) 

Your children would be able to come up with the pronunciation of the vocabulary by learning phonics. It also helps to tackle the difficulties in dictation (especially for unseen dictation) and reading aloud, which boosts their confidence in learning English.

Summer Gymnastics /Playgroup (2 hours)
HKD $4,000
Item No : omm118

2-8 years old (2 hours/lesson) 

June to August (16 lessons 2 lessons per week) 

The course is designed according to children’s development and learning focus at different ages. With the use of various equipment and sensory stimulating games, it boosts children’s 5 senses, social skills, and intellectual development.

(taught by current adjudicators in competitions)

Summer Eng Speaking / Interview Course
HKD $2,200
Item No : pnb119

3-8 years old (1 hour/lesson) 

June to August (16 lessons 2 lessons per week) 

The courses help to improve students’ English speaking ability, articulation, fluency, and confidence in English speaking. The tutors would encourage our students to speak up and students would be given sufficient time to practice in class. The teaching content is mainly on daily life and recent trending issues, so as to provide inspiring and appealing themes for discussion in class.

(taught by experienced foreign teachers) 

Summer STEM course
HKD $2,200
Item No : mzp109

3-10 year old (1 hour/lesson)
June to August (16 lessons 2 lessons per week)

STEM education provides a variety of activities for students. Through formulating plans and making innovative designs, students would be able to integrate the knowledge of social science, technology, and maths. 

Summer Ribbon Dance/ Rhythmic Gymnastics Course
HKD $2,100
Item No : omn113

4-10 years old (1hour/lesson) 

May to August (16 lessons in total / 2 lessons per week) 

Ribbon Dance is a sport with music accompaniment. With natural and rhythmic movements, it allows ones to have their joints fully stretched, and muscles exercised and developed. Ribbon dance is undeniably a gracious sport.

(taught by experienced foreign teachers)

Summer Putonghua/Chinese Course
HKD $1,200
Item No : ebo120

3-10 years old (1 hour/lesson) 

June to August (8 weeks) 

Your kids would learn about pinyin and Putonghua in an interactive environment with the use of stories, songs, and role-playing activities. It aims to consolidate children’s ability in listening and speaking putonghua and helps improve their techniques in speaking such as articulation and tone, etc, which eventually increases children’s interests and confidence in learning Putonghua.

(Tutors are currently the experienced adjudicators of inter-school putonghua speech festival)

Summer Hip-hop dance/ Jazz Course in English
HKD $2,100
Item No : kdn121

4-8 years old (1 hour/lesson) 

May to August (16 lessons in total / 2 lessons per week)

Students would learn techniques of street dance, which could help them to build up confidence. The course would be conducted in English and would be taught by experienced foreign teachers. Jazz is a rhythmic dance which allows the dancers to express their inner thoughts. The course includes training like stretching, bouncing and spinning, etc, so as to get prepared for the dynamic movements.

(taught by experienced teachers) 

Summer Child Cambridge Exam Course
HKD $2,200
Item No : nzy122

4-8 years old (1 hour/lesson) 

June to August (16 lessons in total / 2 lessons per week)

The course is designed based on daily life issues and aims to cultivate children’s ability to master the language. Through interactive conversation and pictures, students could experience communication in a foreign language. The teaching materials touch on reading, writing, listening and speaking, which are precise and concise, as well as consisting of questions for practice.

(taught by experienced foreign teachers)

Summer Memory Training Class
HKD $1,200
Item No : kta123

5-15 years old (1 hour/lesson)

June to August (8 weeks) 

It helps to boost ones’ memory, thinking, and concentration, which maximizes the usage of both hemispheres of the brain. Students would be able to master methods of memorization of high efficiency and apply the methods in schools. For instance, it helps in memorizing vocabulary, the definition of words, passages, and poems. 

(taught by experienced foreign teachers)

Summer English Story Writing Course
HKD $2,200
Item No : zyt124

5-15 years old (1 hour/lesson) 

June to August (8 weeks)

It helps students to acquire basic concepts for writing. The tutors would inspire students with reading and encourage them to brainstorm their own stories, which allow them to express their inner thoughts and feelings.

(taught by experienced foreign teachers)

Summer Chinese Writing Course for P students
HKD $2,200
Item No : xyn125

3-10 years old (1 hour/lesson)

Jul to August (16 lessons 2 lessons per week)
Through games, the interaction between students and simple exercises, the course enhances students ability in writing, presentation, and organization, and help arouse their interests in writing and language. The course is comprised of practices of different genre.

New Courses
Ribbon Dance
Trail Price : HKD $190
HKD $1,900
Item No : pcd132

4-7 years old or 2.5-4 years old (1 hour/lesson) 

10 lessons

Rhythmic Gymnastics Course
Trail Price : HKD $190
HKD $1,900
Item No : akv135

No of Students: 4-6 

Targets : 4-7 year old and 2.5-4  year old

No of lesson : 10 Weeks (Sunday 3:30-4:30)  

Duration of lessons : 1 hour

Tuition Fee : $1900

Grammar and Writing Course
HKD $2,280
Item No : ibl149

Teach whether to hyphenate certain words often at a loss when trying to decide to improve confidence regarding sentence structure

Learn the answers to your grammar questions and usage problems, and gain experience in using correct grammar in your writing. Course topics include common grammatical errors and basic principles of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure; useful practices for choosing words and eliminating wordiness; and easily applied organizational strategies to guarantee a logical flow in any mode of writing, including memos, essays, and personal statements. 

Foundational knowledge of writing and grammar greater confidence in writing skills

Putonghua Time
Item No : moa98

Putonghua is getting very popular these days. More and more primary schools are starting to teach the Chinese subject using Putonghua and so getting a hand on it will make kids' lives much easier once they have to use Putonghua in school.

Learning Putonghua can be interesting and enjoyable for young children. Our Native Putonghua teacher will make use of stories, songs and simple crafts to arouse children's interest in this ever-popular language. 

English Speaking
Item No : xhm144

Trinity Spoken English
Trail Price : HKD $190
Item No : vrx145

Trinity College London Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE) is an internationally accredited English speaking Examination held by Trinity College of the UK. Based on international standard to assess the abilities of the candidates in understanding and communication in English, the qualification from this Examination is recognized by HKEAA.

Through various interactive activities that are in line with the Exam syllabus, the Course can

  • enhance children's abilities to present and communicate;
  • enhance their vocabulary capacity and power of English grammar usage; and more important
  • raise their self-confidence in learning foreign language.

Time: Mon-Sun 10:00 am- 6:00 pm

10 lessons

Korean Course
Item No : kkf143

This course focuses on training students to understand and use intermediate vocabulary and grammar. The content of the study includes the application training of onomatopoeia, mimetic words, proverbs, idioms, and the life style topics such as modern Korean culture, economy, festivals, etc., teaching the sentence pattern of expressing the law, regretting, and doing something. Students who have completed this course and completed the exam will be level 4 in the Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK).

Chinese Grammar and Writing
Trail Price : HKD $190
Item No : pmw148

Chinese Writing Courses
Item No : vrn103

These courses aim at suiting the needs of both primary level and junior secondary level students. 

Hooked on Phonics (Age 3+)
Item No : Phonics

Phonics is the association between the letters in the alphabet and the sounds in the spoken language. Research has shown that a strong understanding of the relationship between letters and sounds helps children learn to read. That's because the sounds letters make are the building blocks of words. For example, by combining the sounds made by the letters c, a, t, children can read cat. When children learn to recognize letter sounds and combine them to read words, they are developing important skills they need for learning to read. 

Cambridge Young Learners English(Age 5+)
Item No : mty97

The aim of these courses is to improve your children's listening, speaking and writing skills so that they are well-equipped not just for the YLE tests, but also for their daily use. Examples are drawn from everyday experience so that children are able to relate their learning with their daily living.

Of course, learning English as a second language is quite different from the way the native speakers do. We will help build up children's vocabulary so that they have more variety of words to use in both speaking and writing English. We also let children know the more colloquial way of speaking English so as to improve their conversation skill. 

Interview Classes
Item No : fkz101

We offer interview classes for entry to K1, P1 and S1. Through the introduction of basic techniques and practice, the classes stress enhancement of children’s confidence and active attitude to respond in an interview. 

Japanese for Kids
Item No : arm102

This is a course of Japanese language for the young beginners. 

• Japanese alphabets and basic phonics

• Hiragana

• Vocabulary for everyday life

• Introduction of oneself, address to family members, numericals

• Conversation

• Japanese culture

English Music Playgroup
HKD $1,900
Item No : dwa126

Target: Divided into the following four levels, 4-6 Kids (1 hour for on weeks )

12-24 months 

24-36 months

36-48 months

48-60 months

Through innovative music, singing, listening, sound games, enhance the senses of young children, use toys to make children understand high and low sounds, increase their sense of rhythm, hearing and expression.

Individual Music Tuition
Item No : aro89

Once children have a solid ground of foundational musical concepts, they are ready for more formal musical training. Here in Tiny Seed Kinder Studio, we offer individual musical instrument tuitions for young children to further their music learning journey.

We offer tuition on:

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Ukulele
  • Cello
  • Drum Kit
  • Set Tuition
  • Flute Tuition
  • Jembe Tuition
  • Cajo
  • Clarinet
  • Guitar
  • Theory
  • Aural Training

Piano-Ready-Go! (Age 5+)
Item No : eqs88

For children interested in formal piano instruction, this course will help them develop the fundamental skills and knowledge required for effective learning. Children will learn about the correct gesture for piano playing, fingering, arm movement, and articulation such as forte, piano, legato and staccato. 

Tiny Seed English Music Playgroup
Item No : uch107
Various Classes From 12 months to 5 years old

Active Learning Int'l (ALI) Playgroup
Item No : OurTime

Build Brain Power Through Play

At our centre, we go more by "development" that actual age. These defined ages are meant to be a flexible guideline. If you child's development does not fit the age brackets, they are invited to attend a class that is more appropriate for them by their development. For example, if your 13 month old is walking, they are invited to attend a younger toddler class with other walkers. Our goal is to not have babies on their backs in the same class with crawlers (for liability purposes), and crawlers with walkers. Remember, our age appropriations are informal, and we adhere more to "development". With that being said, we support babies attending classes with children slightly older, as they will learn more from each other than they ever will from any of us!! 

Kindermusik® Village(0-18Months)
Item No : Kindermusi

A program for newborn to 18 months to stimulate the baby's growth and development through developmentally appropriate activities.

Kindermusik® Our Time (18m - 3y)
Item No : prx106

Designed for toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old to develop their language, intellectual, social and musical skills in a joyful music community.

Kindermusik® Imagine That! (Age 3-4)
Item No : lzb86

An integrated music environment for young children of 3 and 4 years old to encourage problem-solving, expressing ideas and learning of foundational musical concepts.

Kindermusik® Young Child
Item No : KinderYoun

Prepare young children ages 4½ through 7 years for formal music training by developing their skills in vocal, rhythm, notation and musical symbols through pre-keyboard, string and woodwind instruments.

Drawing and crafts making
HKD $171
Item No : gya1083

To cultivate kid's interest, techniques and creativity in art, as well as to enhance their attentiveness on work 

Chinese Brush Painting (Age 4+)
HKD $171
Item No : snq90

To cultivate kid's interest, techniques and creativity in art, as well as to enhance their attentiveness on work 

Memory Training Class
Trail Price : HKD $190
HKD $1,900
Item No : juj147

8 lessens 

It helps to boost ones’ memory, thinking, and concentration, which maximizes the usage of both hemispheres of the brain. Students would be able to master methods of memorization of high efficiency and apply the methods in schools. For instance, it helps in memorizing vocabulary, the definition of words, passages, and poems.

(taught by experienced foreign teachers)

Child Etiquette Course
Item No : thm146


人際關係 / 社交技能 / 舉止儀態
餐桌禮儀 / 商業禮儀 / 外交禮儀


Abacus Maths
Trail Price : HKD $100
Item No : bps104

Abacus is one of the effective tools to learn numbers and arithematics. It has colourful beads to make learning fun while reinforcing concepts through the child's sense of touch. 

Interview Classes
Item No : btt105

We offer interview classes for entry to K1, P1 and S1.

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Special offers: 

5% discount (Abacus Maths and Secondary Maths are exclusive) 
Those who recommend the others to join our courses and who are successfully enrolled after recommen-dations will be offered 10% discount (All Maths courses are exclusive)

* We are pleased to provide courses to community centres and schools. The ways of cooperation will be further discussed. 

* Parents can form learning groups (a group of 3 is preferable). By this, they can choose the dates and time-slots for the courses interested.

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