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Korean Course
Item No : kkf143

English Speaking
Item No : xhm144

Trinity Spoken English
Trial Price : HKD $190
Price : HKD $0
Item No : vrx145

Trinity College London Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE) is an internationally accredited English speaking Examination held by Trinity College of the UK. Based on international standard to assess the abilities of the candidates in understanding and communication in English, the qualification from this Examination is recognized by HKEAA.

Through various interactive activities that are in line with the Exam syllabus, the Course can

  • enhance children's abilities to present and communicate;
  • enhance their vocabulary capacity and power of English grammar usage; and more important
  • raise their self-confidence in learning foreign language.

Time: Mon-Sun 10:00 am- 6:00 pm

Grammar and Writing Course
Price : HKD $2,280
Item No : ibl149

Teach whether to hyphenate certain words often at a loss when trying to decide Improve confidence regarding sentence structure

Learn the answers to your grammar questions and usage problems, and gain experience in using correct grammar in your writing. Course topics include common grammatical errors and basic principles of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure; useful practices for choosing words and eliminating wordiness; and easily applied organizational strategies to guarantee a logical flow in any mode of writing, including memos, essays, and personal statements.

Foundational knowledge of writing and grammarGreater confidence in writing skills

Grammar and Writing
Trial Price : HKD $190
Price : HKD $0
Item No : pmw148

Chinese Writing Courses
Item No : vrn103

These courses aim at suiting the needs of both primary level and junior secondary level students. 

Hooked on Phonics (Age 3+)
Item No : Phonics

Phonics is the association between the letters in the alphabet and the sounds in the spoken language. Research has shown that a strong understanding of the relationship between letters and sounds helps children learn to read. That's because the sounds letters make are the building blocks of words. For example, by combining the sounds made by the letters c, a, t, children can read cat. When children learn to recognize letter sounds and combine them to read words, they are developing important skills they need for learning to read. 

Cambridge Young Learners English(Age 5+)
Item No : mty97

The aim of these courses is to improve your children's listening, speaking and writing skills so that they are well-equipped not just for the YLE tests, but also for their daily use. Examples are drawn from everyday experience so that children are able to relate their learning with their daily living.

Of course, learning English as a second language is quite different from the way the native speakers do. We will help build up children's vocabulary so that they have more variety of words to use in both speaking and writing English. We also let children know the more colloquial way of speaking English so as to improve their conversation skill. 

Putonghua Time
Item No : moa98

Putonghua is getting very popular these days. More and more primary schools are starting to teach the Chinese subject using Putonghua and so getting a hand on it will make kids' lives much easier once they have to use Putonghua in school.

Learning Putonghua can be interesting and enjoyable for young children. Our Native Putonghua teacher will make use of stories, songs and simple crafts to arouse children's interest in this ever-popular language. 

Interview Classes
Item No : fkz101

We offer interview classes for entry to K1, P1 and S1. Through the introduction of basic techniques and practice, the classes stress enhancement of children’s confidence and active attitude to respond in an interview. 

Japanese for Kids
Item No : arm102

This is a course of Japanese language for the young beginners. 

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* We are pleased to provide courses to community centres and schools. The ways of cooperation will be further discussed. 

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