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Price Per ClassHKD $190 (5.00 % off) Original 200.00
No. of Classes : 10
Total Price : HKD $1,900 (5.00 % off) Original 2000.00
No. : moa98

Putonghua is getting very popular these days. More and more primary schools are starting to teach the Chinese subject using Putonghua and so getting a hand on it will make kids' lives much easier once they have to use Putonghua in school.
Learning Putonghua can be interesting and enjoyable for young children. Our Native Putonghua teacher will make use of stories, songs and simple crafts to arouse children's interest in this ever-popular language. 

Schedule 02/01/2021 To 31/12/2022 (dd/mm/yyyy)
10:00 To 19:00
Potonghua Solo Verse Speaking Training Course
HKD $250
No. of Classes : 8
Total Price : HKD $2,000
No. : ykf233

Target: K1, K2, K3 students Purpose: The center provides training courses including the following competitions. Contents: Competitions: Organizer: 【Hong Kong School Recitation Festival】 Hong Kong School Music and Recitation Association 【GAPSK Putonghua Recitation Competition】 GAPSK Putonghua Recitation Competition Executive Committee 【Poyi Cup Hong Kong Recitation Talent Competition】 Language Arts Association 【Golden Bauhinia】 Cup Putonghua Recitation Competition] Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Music Foundation [Bible Reading Festival] Chinese Bible Society [Hong Kong Academia Putonghua Communication Competition] Putonghua Teachers Association [Hong Kong Kindergarten and Primary School Putonghua Competition] Hong Kong Putonghua Academy [China Youth (Hong Kong)] Talent Competition] China Youth Cultural and Art Exchange Association [Hong Kong Contemporary Writers Poetry Recitation Competition] Hong Kong Recitation Art Language Center [Hong Kong Student Public Recitation Competition] Recitation and Music Promotion Association> [Asian Student Music and Recitation Competition] Asian Student Music Recitation Association [ Hong Kong Youth and Early Childhood Art Festival] One-hour group teaching or half-hour private teaching at the time of the Hong Kong Secretariat of the Chinese Artists Association

Audience: K1, K2, K3 students

Purpose : The center provides training courses including the following competitions.

Putonghua Fun Play Class
HKD $190 (5.00 % off) Original 200.00
No. : xqg234

The target is children from 1 year old 10 months to 5 years old.
The whole class is in Mandarin/English, with a maximum of 6 people in a group, learning Tang poetry in a relaxed way, the rules of discipleship, getting to know yourself, introducing yourself, singing in Mandarin/English, Storytelling session/Small crafts. The purpose is to encourage young children to take the initiative to speak.

Learning Chinese in Putonghua

This course is designed by a team of experienced primary school teachers, combined with the Education Bureau's "Chinese Language Curriculum Reference Guide", the suggested learning points of primary school Chinese Language and the ideas and models of "Student-wide Hong Kong System Assessment" to meet local needs.
Using the "Combination of Reading and Writing" mode, you can use the students to make good works from the heart of reading excellent texts.
With the training of "ability models" and modes, students' learning ability can be improved through reading and writing strategies of different professors.
The learning points of "joint learning foundation" are organized so that the learning is closely linked, from the profound to the simple, and to the students' language.
There may be differences between the ability and the ability to continue to guide students in their studies.
Let students' "learning assessment" and teachers understand students, and improve the effect of learning and teaching.
Course content
Reading Comprehension
Key words, four-character words, question prompts, paragraph gist, article subject, and style.
Through various articles and idiom stories, from the simple to the deep, learn and apply vocabulary and four-character words.
In-depth understanding of the content of the article, mastery of answering questions, the subject of the article, the general idea of the paragraph, etc.
By learning a variety of topics and styles, you can easily master and create article structure.
Increase the training of various sentence patterns and increase the layering support of paragraphs.
Use appropriate rhetoric to improve expression.
Appropriate use of a large number of vocabulary, four-character words, and idioms to break the generally bland writing skills,
Enrich the content and observability (readability) of the article.
Application Practice Support
Practice content of different kinds of applications,
For example: sentence training, reorganizing sentences, arranging sentences into paragraphs, synonyms, antonyms, vocabulary usage, punctuation, etc.,
To give students a comprehensive grasp of the fundamentals of the language.

GAPSK Examination Prep class

This is by far a more recognised Putonghua open exam in Hong Kong for primary and secondary school students. It is a general exam on the listening, speaking, reading and writing ability in Putonghua.   

  • P1 - P3 (20 lessons of 1 hour each) 
  • P4 - P6 (20 lessons of 1.5 hour each) 

The past results have been outstanding

Song and Game in Putonghua

Song and Game in Putonghua

It is suitable for children in kindergartens of 3-5 years old. Through children's songs, games, storytelling and other teaching elements, teach pinyin, basic vocabulary, cultivate children's interest in learning, and improve children's Mandarin skills. (23 lessons

Pinyin (age 6+)

Just like phonics in English, knowing pinyin in Putonghua will enhance children's listening and speaking ability of this language. Our teacher will gradually introduce pinyin through games and activities. Having a good foundation in pinyin will increase children's sensibility of intonation.

  • Beginners (10 lessons) :Children will learn the basic pinyin rules and their writing. Children will reinforce their learning through rhyme, reading and worksheets.
  • Intermediate (10 lessons) :More complex Pinyin rules will be introduced through speaking and writing. Children will be encouraged to listen and speak more through various activities.

Putonghua Kiddy (age 3-5)

Rhymes, songs, stories and crafts - these are the elements we will use to develop children's interest in Putonghua. Chinese poems will also be used and you'll be amazed how quickly children are able to recite these beautiful poems in a sing-song manner.

There is a fee for group classes, and you are welcome to join on your own.

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