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Verse Speaking Training for HK Speech Festival
HKD $250
No. of Classes : 10
No. : duw168

Different course fees
3 students in class~$200
2 students in class~$250
1 student in class~$350
The Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival is one of Hong Kong's largest inter-school competitions and has been running for over sixty-five years. The festival is organised by the Hong Kong Schools and Music Association (HKSMA). The festival is a prestigious and excitedly anticipated yearly event for most Hong Kong Schools. Primary and secondary school students across Hong Kong deliver speeches in English and Chinese.

Our Centre helps students prepare for Inter-school Reading and other recitation competitions and performances. In the past, many of our students achieved outstanding results in the recitation festivals in Hong Kong and overseas.  

Besides individual private classes, a group class of a maximum of 3 can also be chosen. The centre has also been in the form of a group class.
Student will be coached by one instructor.

Interview Classes
HKD $2,200
No. : btt105

8 lessons for 12 hours
Private class 8 lessons for 8 hours
We offer interview classes for entry to K1, P1 and S1.
Through the introduction of basic techniques and practice, the classes stress enhancement of children’s confidence and active attitude to respond in an interview. Our instructors are experienced teachers working in daytime primary schools or EMI secondary schools. They are very familiar with the present requirements of school admission.
Maximum 6 students 

Mathematical Olympiad
Price Per ClassHKD $190 (5.00 % off) Original 200.00
No. of Classes : 10
Total Price : HKD $1,900 (5.00 % off) Original 2000.00
No. : qws201

Mathematical Olympiad
4-8 years old (1 hour/lesson)
The Mathematical Olympiad Course is a complete and professional training course for the Mathematical Olympiad. It is based on traditional difficult mathematics competition problems, analyzed and tailored, and the textbooks are compiled and printed by our Olympiad experts

Abacus Maths
HKD $120
No. of Classes : 8
Total Price : HKD $960
No. : bps104

Abacus is one of the effective tools to learn numbers and arithematics. It has colourful beads to make learning fun while reinforcing concepts through the child's sense of touch. 

Young Child Abacus

Memory Training Class
HKD $250
No. of Classes : 8
Total Price : HKD $2,000
No. : juj147

8 lessens 
Group Class each lesson$250
It helps to boost ones’ memory, thinking, and concentration, which maximizes the usage of both hemispheres of the brain. Students would be able to master methods of memorization of high efficiency and apply the methods in schools. For instance, it helps in memorizing vocabulary, the definition of words, passages, and poems.

(taught by experienced foreign teachers)

Child Etiquette Course
HKD $250
No. of Classes : 8
Total Price : HKD $2,000
No. : thm146

Total number of courses: 8 Lessons

Target: Children aged 4-16 (If a child under 6 is interested, a parent/guardian must attend the class with him/her. They need to pay 2 tuition)

From an early age, we cultivated the agreement with people, the proper conversation, conversation, and conversation, and laid a solid foundation.
Contents: Meet new people, develop self-confidence, special occasion etiquette, etc. Include different learning states/learning skills/behaves/behaves.
Etiquette is not a high-level question that cannot be asked. "Courtesy" is the attitude of "receiving people and things" from learning. "Etiquette" allows you to show your most dignified and best station in various occasions and among them. Left a good impression on everyone. In fact, people think it's just a simple "molecular" thing. It is the most classic way to let everyone bring the best and own way.
By the end of the course, children will be able to develop/their self-confidence; have a stronger body-talking hand in different situations; and create more manners of themselves and thus a better image.

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Special offers: 
5% discount (Abacus Maths, Private Class and Maths are exclusive)
Those who recommend the others to join our courses and who are successfully enrolled after recommendations will be offered 10% discount on first time payment
(All Maths courses and private classes are exclusive)
* We are pleased to provide courses to community centres and schools. The ways of cooperation will be further discussed. 
* Parents can form learning groups (a group of 3 is preferable). By this, they can choose the dates and time-slots for the courses interested.
* The list price for group class, we also have 
provide private classes.

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