Tiny Seed Kinder Studio

Individual Music Tuition
No. of Classes : 8
No. : aro89

Once children have a solid ground of foundational musical concepts, they are ready for more formal musical training. Here in Tiny Seed Kinder Studio, we offer individual musical instrument tuitions for young children to further their music learning journey.

We offer tuition on:

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Ukulele
  • Cello
  • Drum Kit
  • Set Tuition
  • Flute Tuition
  • Jembe Tuition
  • Cajo
  • Clarinet
  • Guitar
  • Theory
  • Aural Training

Piano-Ready-Go! (Age 5+)
Price Per ClassHKD $190 (5.00 % off) Original 200.00
No. of Classes : 10
Total Price : HKD $1,900 (5.00 % off) Original 2000.00
No. : eqs88

For children interested in formal piano instruction, this course will help them develop the fundamental skills and knowledge required for effective learning. Children will learn about the correct gesture for piano playing, fingering, arm movement, and articulation such as forte, piano, legato and staccato. 

Tiny Seed English Music Playgroup
Price Per ClassHKD $190 (5.00 % off) Original 200.00
No. of Classes : 12
Total Price : HKD $2,280 (5.00 % off) Original 2400.00
No. : uch107
Various Classes From 12 months to 5 years old

Kindermusik® Village(0-18Months)
HKD $190 (5.00 % off) Original 200.00
No. : Kindermusi

A program for newborn to 18 months to stimulate the baby's growth and development through developmentally appropriate activities.

Kindermusik® Our Time (18m - 3y)
HKD $190 (5.00 % off) Original 200.00
No. : prx106

Designed for toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old to develop their language, intellectual, social and musical skills in a joyful music community.

Kindermusik® Imagine That! (Age 3-4)
HKD $190 (5.00 % off) Original 200.00
No. : lzb86

An integrated music environment for young children of 3 and 4 years old to encourage problem-solving, expressing ideas and learning of foundational musical concepts.

Kindermusik® Young Child
HKD $190 (5.00 % off) Original 200.00
No. : KinderYoun

Prepare young children ages 4½ through 7 years for formal music training by developing their skills in vocal, rhythm, notation and musical symbols through pre-keyboard, string and woodwind instruments.

Connect with Us

Tel: 23729068

Fax: 2372 9098

Flat B2, 4/F, Lladro Building, No. 72 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong Kowloon ( Kwun Tong MTR Exit B1; next to Kwun Tong Plaza)





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Special offers: 
5% discount (Abacus Maths, Private Class and Maths are exclusive)
Those who recommend the others to join our courses and who are successfully enrolled after recommendations will be offered 10% discount on first time payment
(All Maths courses and private classes are exclusive)
* We are pleased to provide courses to community centres and schools. The ways of cooperation will be further discussed. 
* Parents can form learning groups (a group of 3 is preferable). By this, they can choose the dates and time-slots for the courses interested.

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