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Hooked on Phonics (Age 3+)

Price Per ClassHKD $190 (5.00 % off) Original 200.00
No. of Classes : 24
Total Price : HKD $4,560 (5.00 % off) Original 4800.00
No. : Hop03

Phonics is the association between the letters in the alphabet and the sounds in the spoken language. Research has shown that a strong understanding of the relationship between letters and sounds helps children learn to read. That's because the sounds letters make are the building blocks of words. For example, by combining the sounds made by the letters c, a, t, children can read cat. When children learn to recognize letter sounds and combine them to read words, they are developing important skills they need for learning to read. 
Hooked on Phonics is a highly popular systematic way of learning phonics in the States. It adopts a proven learn-practice-play approach which provides children with bite-sized pieces of new information in every lesson so they are able to master the new concept and achieve success every time.
LEARN: Kids learn a new skill or concept.
PRACTICE: Kids practice the concept until they master it.
PLAY: Kids read great books and play games so they can enjoy applying their new knowledge. 

Schedule 02/01/2020 To 31/12/2022 (dd/mm/yyyy)
10:00 To 19:00

We offer the following Hooked on Phonics courses: 

Get Ready to Read: Letter Sounds

24 lessons
This course teaches pre-readers the skills needed to build a foundation of reading success. Kids are introduced to letter sounds and body movements using letter and picture cards, a workbook, and a CD-ROM filled with fun alphabet songs.

Learn to Read - Kindergarten

24 lessons
Kids learn about letters and sounds, learn how to put them together to form words, and then read great stories and books using the words just learned. Packed with musical audio CDs, flash cards, a workbook, and a library of 24 magical books, Hooked on PhonicsR Learn to Read - Kindergarten is a great way to get started with basic phonics skills.

Learn to Read - Grade 1

24 lessons
Designed to teach beginning and ending sound combinations and word endings, this first-grade learn-to-read kit is loaded with audio CDs, flash cards, and workbooks to appeal to visual, auditory, and experience-based learners. Plus, kids move past just reading storybooks and are introduced to reading chapter books designed to reinforce the skills already learned.

Learn to Read - Grade 2

24 lessons
Using audio CDs, flash cards, and workbooks filled with activities and stories, kids learn about long vowels, complex vowels, and challenging sound combinations. Plus, with the help of adventure-filled chapter books, kids turn reading practice into reading fun!

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