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Private Class
Private Class

HKD -$1,120 (380.00 % off) Original 400.00
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The course fee of individual class is $250-$380, please contact the center for details, the fee has already deducted discounts.

The advantage of one-on-one tutoring is that it can help children make up for the gaps, so that they can better enter the next learning of new knowledge. They aslo easy to review the past and learn the new!

past to learn the new!

Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude can be targeted. In the classroom, the teacher's lectures are aimed at the level and progress of most students, and it is impossible to cover everything. At this time, students with slow thinking and weak acceptance will feel that it is very difficult to listen to the class and cannot absorb new knowledge in time. It is often because the teacher can't respond to a few words in the lecture, and the students lose interest in continuing to listen. On the contrary, one-to-one tutoring is highly targeted, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, so that students can understand what they have learned in a timely manner without leaving gaps.

Private teaching can enhance the interest and confidence of students who are learning poorly. When students face a kind and kind teacher, their emotions are relatively relaxed, and they will not feel nervous or irritable. And experienced teachers will use humorous language to improve students' interest in learning. Most of the students who are poor in learning have a certain inferiority complex, and the teacher will help them build up their self-confidence during the lecture. These are usually difficult to get in the classroom.

It can correct students' bad study habits and enable students to master the correct learning methods. In fact, most of the students who are poor in learning are not because their IQ is lower than others, but because of bad study habits. For most parents, it is difficult to find some disadvantages in their children's learning. Teachers are different. Relying on their professional skills and rich experience, they can immediately discover the problem, and help students correct their bad study habits in a subtle way; so that they can gradually master the correct learning methods while making up for the gaps.

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