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Summer Courses
Summer Ribbon Dance/ Rhythmic Gymnastics Course

HKD $2,100
Item No : omn113

4-10 years old (1hour/lesson) 

May to August (16 lessons in total / 2 lessons per week) 

Ribbon Dance is a sport with music accompaniment. With natural and rhythmic movements, it allows ones to have their joints fully stretched, and muscles exercised and developed. Ribbon dance is undeniably a gracious sport.

(taught by experienced foreign teachers)

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Special offers: 

5% discount (Abacus Maths and Secondary Maths are exclusive) 
Those who recommend the others to join our courses and who are successfully enrolled after recommen-dations will be offered 10% discount (All Maths courses are exclusive)

* We are pleased to provide courses to community centres and schools. The ways of cooperation will be further discussed. 

* Parents can form learning groups (a group of 3 is preferable). By this, they can choose the dates and time-slots for the courses interested.

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