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Sound Bingo

HKD $98

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Suitable for: Age 4+ 
Includes: CD, 12 4" x 4" bingo cards, tokens 

Is that a bagpipe I hear? Bingo! Players match the sound they hear with the photo on their bingo cards. Children sharpen vital listening skills while they play along. Simply pass out the bingo cards and pop in the CD. Press "random" on the CD player and you'll get a new mix of 24 sounds each time you play.

Get the family together and listen, learn, and laugh together. See who can recognize the rooster, the hammer, the guitar. F is for family fun. Bingo!

For 2 to 12 players. 

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電話: 2372 9068

傳真: 2372 9098

九龍觀塘開源道72號溢財中心4/F B2室 (觀塘港鐵站 B1出口, 觀塘廣場側)




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