Photo Gallery

2008 Christmas Party

And the party starts now...

Music Time

01.Are we ready? 02.Tap, tap, tap 03.Vicky & mammy 04.Is that how we tap? 05.Whao, so many bells...

06.Tap on my head 07.Shake, shake, shake... 08.Cool... 09.I want to walk my bells... 10.So funny!! 11.Look, Rachel...

12.Tap the sticks... 13.I can do it too! 14.Mum, I want to take a rest 15.The hoop goes round and round! 17.Mum, he's taking a picture

18.See how fast Justin runs! 19.Wiggle, wiggle... 20.I've got a matching pink hoop 21.Story time 22.I want my favourite colour 23.Guess who this is?

24.It's Rachel! 25.A scarf tunnel 26.Hurray!! 27.Gee, I need a break!

My Candy Cane Mouse

28.Vicky & mammy teaming up 29.Look at that! 30.See my flying mouse! 31.Busy busy Garina 32.Mammy, isn't my mouse cute?

33.Smile! 34.Look at my mouse 35.Another job well done 36.Yeah!!

My Christmas Tree

37.Firstly, put the cream on... 38.Oops...a bit too much 39.Easy job 40.Ooo...the cream is yummy!! 41.Then sprinkle candies on 42.I need a bit more cream here

43.Mammy, I want to do it 44.YOurs looks good too 45.Yummy candies 46.Joint effort 47.See if it can stand up 48.Please don't fall

49.Yeah...we've made it! 50.Great smile! 51.Cecilia with mum and dad 52.Sophia and mum 53.Oscar and mammy 54.Good job, Justin

It's Present Time

55.What will we get? 56.Happy Oscar and Sophia 57.Vicky got a bumblebee 58.Everybody, photo time! 59.Can I take this home as well? 60.I've got a bumblebee too

My Christmas Tree

61.Whao! Lots of food! 62.Let's dig in! 63.Yum... 64.Some more... 65.Yummy sausage 66.My favouriate chicken wing

Food Glorious Food

67.I can do this, daddy 68.You want my chicken wing? 69.I'd better have it myself 70.T'is a jelly fans 71.I've go the last one 72.A quiet achiever

73.mammy, more... 74.Busy sisters 75.Bye bye biscuit 76.One last drop