Kindermusik® is an established program that originated in West Germany. Since then it has become popular in the US and is now offered worldwide in over 35 countries for parents and their children, age newborn to 7 years old. The curriculum is based on new and proven research in child development that nurtures the skills in the whole child: cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language and of course, music.

The philosophy behind Kindermusik® programs is to:
encourage music education as a partnership between teacher and caregivers of young children. Caregivers attending classes will learn how to continue the musical activities at home and so children will be nurtured in a musical environment.
provide children with the opportunity to be exposed to different types of music and musical instruments.
help children build a solid ground in musical knowledge in preparation of more formal musical training in the future.
develop a child's creativity and co-ordination through movement in the class.
build up children's self-esteem and sense of competence through a positive musical experience.

We offer the following Kindermusik® programs:
Kindermusik® Village
A program for newborn to 18 months to stimulate the baby's growth and development through developmentally appropriate activities.
Kindermusik® Our Time
Designed for toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old to develop their language, intellectual, social and musical skills in a joyful music community.
Kindermusik® Imagine That!
An integrated music environment for young children of 3 and 4 years old to encourage problem-solving, expressing ideas and learning of foundational musical concepts.
Kindermusik® Young Child
Prepare young children ages 4½ through 7 years for formal music training by developing their skills in vocal, rhythm, notation and musical symbols through pre-keyboard, string and woodwind instruments.

Piano-Ready-Go! (Age 5+)

For children interested in formal piano instruction, this course will help them develop the fundamental skills and knowledge required for effective learning. Children will learn about the correct gesture for piano playing, fingering, arm movement, and articulation such as forte, piano, legato and staccato.

Individual Music Tuition

Once children have a solid ground of foundational musical concepts, they are ready for more formal musical training. Here in Tiny Seed Kinder Studio, we offer individual musical instrument tuitions for young children to further their music learning journey.

We offer tuition on:
Drum Kit
Set Tuition
Flute Tuition
Jembe Tuition
Aural Training

Individual Music Tuition Fee

Tiny Seed English Music Playgroup

Course For No. of lessons
Toddlers Music Courses: Suitable for toddlers. Through the use of music in the process of creativity, toddlers can enhance their multi-intelligence, enjoy learning and develop interest in music. This is also a good chance to strengthen parent-child relationship by sharing their interest in music. 12-24 months old 12
Parents and children can learn the foundation of music through various activities that include singing, listening to music, playing audio games and use of color. All these can help develop children's sensory, as well as parent-child relationship. 2-3 years old 12
It is a fantasy to children. Children are encouraged to take part in various musical activities in order to build up their confidence, self-control and social ability. We want to find out children's potentials through imitating different voices, dancing, playing musical instruments, telling stories and playgroup activities. These can develop children's cognition, reading and writing abilities and creativity. Children will use some toys to know more about pitch, which may strengthen their listening skills and ways of expression. Children and parents can create a harmonious family through their attachment during the course. All the activities in the course can cultivate children's curiosity, creativity and the passion to music. 3-4 years old 12
Children can know more about music and rhythm through learning without any pressure during class. We would like to provide the chance to success before children having formal training of music. We want to train up children's musical ability based on rhythm, musical symbols, keyboards, strings and woodwind instruments. Children can have experience on oral, singing, dancing, listening, producing, playing instruments. All these can help to develop children's interest to music. 4-5 years old 12