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Listening ability and music learning
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Listening ability and music learning
Author : Miss Chung
Most children are born with the ability to hear. And there are three aspects of listening ability. The first, auditory awareness, is concerned with the simple recognition of the presence of sound. Such as a little baby turns his head in the direction of the sound of dripping water. The second, auditory discrimination, requires the ability to distinguish between sounds and to group them into categories such as fast - slow, loud - soft, high - low, etc. For instance, a child runs to the front of the door but not the telephone when he hears the doorbell. The third, auditory sequencing, deals with the ability to reproduce a sequence of sounds in the correct order and therefore requires the exercise of auditory memory as well. When a child imitates what teacher claps accurately, he is using auditory sequencing. (Haines and Gerber, 2000)

Listening ability is essential for us to learn music. We will make use of all three aspects mentioned above in music learning.

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