Ned Redd, World Traveler: A Search-and-Find Adventure

Price: $70
Suitable for: 5 and up

Around the world in 26 pages. A new musical spin on the seek-and-find adventure makes this set a skill builder for the eyes and ears. Your child will choose one of three levels of difficulty: Explorer, Investigator, or Adventurer. With his problem-solving hat on, he¡¦ll seek-and-find his way through the book, and then he¡¦ll listen closely to solve the ¡§find-the-sound¡¨ challenges on the CD. By the end, your curious learner will have been to 10 new states and countries around the world, and sharpened reading, memory, counting, and listening skills. Plus every song on the CD reflects the culture of the country and expands his musical mind and library¡Xfaster than you can say, ¡§Ned Redd.¡¨

Includes: CD, book.